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Air Weapon

Please Note Due to legislation, we are UNABLE to fill Airgun fitted cylinders.

Once you have purchased your air weapon we are your one stop shop.

We pump clean dry air to 300bar, (4352 psi) for air and paintball guns. (Cylinder's need to be in test)

Sales of Cylinders, adaptors, charging equipment and airgun accessories.

Replacement gun specific charging adaptors available.

Need a fitting that you cannot find? try us, if we cannot get it, then perhaps we could make one ask our fully qualified toolmaker.


Cylinder recertification / Testing by approved technicians.

We are however unable to hold stock of pellets.

Our knowledgeable air weapons manager will help you with all high pressure air questions, fittings and assist with assembly if required.

We do not sell Air weapons but supply knowledgeable service of the high pressure air systems used in PCP weapons.

Do you own one of the following Airguns? In  need of replacement fill probe O rings? Then look no further click the button below. 

Ultra, Scorpion, Hornet, Spirtfire, Highfill, Fire Bird. (Standard fill probe)

Do you own a BSA Ultra  that has an aftermarket Robert Lane Quick fill and gauge assembly? Need fill probe O Rings then click here to purchase these. ( Robert Lane Only)

We also host a facebook group for airgun enthusiasts.

Are you a BSA ULTRA owner? Why not join our owners group.

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