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Clean Dry Air & Nitrox to 300bar, 100% O2 to 230bar.

  • Using our state of the art processor controlled continuous blending system, cylinders do not have to be O2 clean for mixes up to 40%

  • 10% saving on air or nitrox fills of 7l + using our loyalty card.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to fill any cylinder that appears to be suspect in any matter, we shall refuse to fill any cylinder without a valid test certificate/stamp.

  • All makes of Equipment Serviced, Cylinder testing and refurbishment carried out by fully qualified & IDEST registered technicians.

  • Dry suit repairs and alterations are carried out by leading professionals in dry suit manufacture and repair, all makes are catered for.

 We always have quality new & used Diving Gear available, give us a call or better still drop on in to the store. 

Going to wait for your cylinder fills? Why not treat yourself to a fresh ground coffee while you wait. 

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